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Our company provides a full range service regarding real estate in Pattaya city.

We offer to owners and landlords mutually beneficial cooperation in managing apartments and finding tenants, representing your interests in the management company on agreed terms, while we guarantee proper control over the observance of cleanliness and order in your apartment.

At the same time, respecting the interests of tenants, we provide clean and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, apartments, with all the paperwork required for registration by Immigration Department in Thailand.

In case if you want to sell your property, we provide services to support the sales-purchase deal at all its stages, from the dissemination of information on popular advertising platforms, up to the registration transfer of ownership in the Land office and ensuring the transfer of funds to your account.

If you are just planning to buy any real estate in Pattaya, we will help you to make your investment worthwhile and purchase a property that will best meet your expectations, goals and budget.


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